Scientists looking at Terra Nova from ice grotto in Antarctica

Magnificent view on the Terra Nova from the ice grotto in Antarctica

Scientists’ names are  Thomas Griffith Taylor and Charles Wight, and this was photo was taken in January 191.  Taylor was a senior geologist on the Terra Nova ship during its Antarctic expedition. He was hired by the captain R.F.Scott, to research the effects of antarctic on Australia weather. 

Interestingly, Scott acquired a Terra Nova for 12500 pounds specifically for this Antarctic expedition. Polar explorations were financed decently those years and it was a common thing to receive a grant from Royal Geographical Society and start a dangerous adventure. Those expeditions ended badly in many cases for both crew and a ship itself. Explorers tried to go as close to the pole as possible, putting themselves into high risk due to the unsuitability of that time vessels to ice breaking.

To avoid this grim fate R.F.Scott fortified Terra Nova body with a 7-feet oak layer, transforming it into a ‘perfect ice-breaking vessel of its time’.

Later that year, Taylor was awarded the King’s Polar Medal and made a fellow of the Royal Geographical Society of London.

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