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First known photo (daguerreotype) of human. Boulevard du Temple, Paris, 1838

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A daguerreotype. First known photo of human. Boulevard du Temple, Paris. 1838.

Try to find human on this daguerreotype.

Boulevard du Temple, Paris, 8 in the morning. This photo was made in 1838 and it`s for now the first known photo of human. It is a daguerreotype – an image recorder on a sheet of copper, coated with silver and developed by mercury fumes. It was made by an inventor Louis-Jacques-Mandé Daguerre (by whom daguerreotypes actually are named). Why morning street of Paris is so empty in these morning hour? To make this photo Daguerre would have to use an exposure for 10-15 minutes. But if you look on bottom left you’ll see a customer having his shoes polished by a bootblack. 

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