The world’s last commercial sailing ship,the Pamir, rounding Cape Horn for the last time in 1949

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The Pamir, a four-masted barque, was built in Hamburg, Germany in 1905. It was used in the South American nitrate trade. After WWI the sailing ship was handed over to Italy as war reparation and atfer WWII the Pamir was seized as a prize of war by the New Zealand government. In 1950s, German shipowner Heinz Schliewen, who had sailed on her in the late 1920s, bought the Pamir. The sailing ship was modernized and used as cargo-carrying school ship. On 10 August 1957, the Pamir left Buenos Aires for Hamburg and on 21 of September got caught in Hurricane Carrie before shortening sails. After nine days of search only four crewmen and two cadets were rescued alive. As none of the officers nor the captain survived, the reasons for the capsizing remained uncertain.

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