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President Truman leading exercises on the USS, Missouri, 1947

President Harry S. Truman, in a shirt “Coach Truman, Athletic Department,” leads exercises on the deck of the USS Missouri on his return trip to Washington from Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, September 1947

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Photo of a day

Umberto II, King of Italy, during the referendum of 1946

In this photo Umberto II, the last monarch ruler Italy is participating in the referendum on the abolition of the monarch. There’s…
Photo of a day

Pulitzer prize photography: Water! by Frank Noel, 1943

Frank Noel received a Pulitzer Prize for his ‘Water!’ photo in 1943. It was a second Pulitzer prize awarded in a Photography…
Photo of a day

Pulitzer prize photography: Ford Strikers Riot, 1942

Milton E. Brooks captured his Ford Strikers Riot in April of 1941 and received his Pulitzer prize for a year later. This…
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