McDonald’s brothers opening their first restaurant, 1948

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first McDonald's restaurant

Maurice (“Mac”) and Richard McDonald started their famous restaurant chain in San Bernardino, California, in 1948. The first McDonald’s restaurant had decent success, but it was multiplied by Ray Kroc, a man who saw a business gem in brother’s fast food ideas. During the next decades, McDonald’s empire grew dramatically, making fast food lovers fatter and fatter.

The first McDonald’s restaurant stayed alone for seven more years until the franchise network began its expansion.

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Quick facts about early McDonald’s business

  • The cheapest hamburger cost was 0.15 cents, twice less expensive than in any other restaurant
  • It was a first self-serve restaurant, no need for waiters
  • The first franchise restaurant was opened in 1955
  • Ray Kroc acquired the McDonald’s from brothers Maurice and Richard brand in 1961, expanding its network nationwide
  • 1965 company went public


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