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Beatlemaniacs, New York City, 1965

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Beatlemania spread to the United States in 1964. After a still-unreleased single “I Want to Hold Your Hand,” firstly appeared on radio and after The Beatles gave their first live performance in the United States on The Ed Sullivan Show.  The show was watched by approximately 73 million viewers or almost 40% of the American population.

The Beatles at Shea Stadium, New York.

In summer 1965 The Beatles came to the US with a tour. It’s opening show was held at the Shea Stadium in New York on 15th August 1965 and became the record-breaking concert – over 55,000 people came to listen to the Beatles. It remained the highest concert attendance in the United States for 8 years, until Led Zeppelin gathered 56 000 in 1973 in Tampa, Florida.

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