Timothy Robinson and his letter from war, Vietnam, 1968

Timothy Robinson was inducted in the U.S. Army at the age of 21. In a year he stepped on a land mine. His body was recovered and buried in Sauk Centre, Minnesota. This is his last letter to his family: “Dear Mom, Dad, Ruth & Pat, I hope the Easter Bunny doesn’t forget me this year because the last 21 years it’s been really good to me and will always be so dear to my heart, “right Mom”. Remember when we were kids on Easter the girls would be all dressed up in new hats, pretty dresses, and new gloves and us boys with new shoes and shirts and off to church we would go and after come home to look for our Easter baskets. What good times. I hope God will bring me back home so that I may marry the girl I love, which will be in March if things go OK. Then I can watch my kids get all dressed up and head for church and live that day over again. Holidays are no different than any other day. Every day is Monday in Vietnam. Must go now, “God Be With You All”. Your fighting son & Brother Tim”.

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6 days ago

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