Coca-Cola advertising in Nazi Germany

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Coca-Cola advertising Nazi Germany

Ein Volk, Ein Reich, Ein Getrank (One People, One Nation, One Drink) Olympic Games in Berlin 1936

Can you imagine Coca-Cola advertising in Nazi Germany? Well, this beverage promoted itself heavily, hoping that aggressive rhetorics won’t turn into WW2. And here’s how it began.

Berlin hosted the Olympics in 1936, and Coca-Cola invested a lot into the promotion during and before the event. To start with Coca-Cola paid for the Master Sponsorship, and the brand was called an official beverage sponsors with a Getraenkedienst (beverage service). By the way, Germans didn’t plan to sell any “official drink” or “official car” badges for advertising purposes. The idea itself was brought from the US, where this advertising method was widely used by the middle of the 30s. As a result, Coca-Cola advertising in Germany during the Olympics was literally everywhere.

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Everyone knew that the Nazi was planning to hold a fascinating Olympic event, that will attract worldwide public attention. And of course, many transnational companies did their bid to promote their brand along with this occasion.  It’s hard to say how much Coca-Cola GmbH cashed in to become one of the biggest sponsors of sports events, most notably the annual Deutschlandrundfahrt (National Bicycle Championships) and the Soccer Cup. The company representatives were ashamed to mention this sponsorship and even those posters of Coca-Cola advertising in Nazi Germany that you’ll find below never hit the shelves in the company’s museum.

Photo of a day: FIFA World Cup 1938 poster

Coca-Cola fooball running ad

Athletics and Soccer were defined as priority sports disciplines to win. They failed both

Coca-Cola Christmas advertising 30s

Coca-Cola continued to advertise itself in Nazi Germany after the Olympics. This ad was used in 1938

Nazi propaganda style in advertising

Coca-Cola copied the nazi slogans style widely. It was effective.

lady driver Coca-Cola

Another advertising from 1938. Austria was annexed already.

Coca-Cola advertising Nazi Germany

The same images were used for the Coca-Cola promotion in the US. Cost-effectiveness never changes…

Skating Coca-Cola advertising

Advertising plans of the Coca-Cola brand went far behind the summer Olympics

classic German profile advertising

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1 year ago

[…] Read more: Coca-Cola advertising in Nazi Germany […]

1 year ago

[…] Read more: Coca-Cola advertising in Nazi Germany […]

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