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Albert Einstein becomes US citizen, 1940

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Einstein accepts US citizenship

Einstein, his secretary, and daughter, 1940

An outstanding scientist Albert Einstein arrived in the US 88 years ago as a refugee from Nazi Germany. We suppose this german loss a historically equal to Mozart’s escape. The German-born composer left his homeland and settled down in Vien in the 18th century. 

Albert Einstein was accompanied by his wife Elsa, adoptive daughters, secretary Helen Ducas (on a photo, from the left from the Einstein), and assistant Walter Mayer. He had to leave his homeland forever amid all the anti-Semitic policies executed by the Nazis. Einstein used to live an active political life besides his scientific activities. He was a co-founder of the ‘leftish’ political party, and it was a kind of history that Nazis couldn’t forgive a jew.

On August 2, 1939, Einstein sent a famous letter to Franklin Roosevelt. He urged the president to begin atomic weapons research.

Einstein continued his scientific career in the United States. The physicist became a professor of physics at the Princeton Institute for Advanced Study. In 1940, Einstein accepted American citizenship, while retaining a Swiss passport issued in 1901. He continued his work on the theory of relativity and paid great attention to attempts to create a unified field theory.

Nazis didn’t care about this historical loss. They preferred to honor Henry Ford with a Grand Cross, known for his antisemitism.



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Yakov Dzhugashvili imprisoned by the Germans, 1942

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